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About Us

AGROPROFIL Engineering Office for Food Industry Kft. was founded in 1990, separating from a large designer company, AGROBER. Its founding members are engineers working in the area of food industry design.

The relations and buyers of the company have been expanding and increasing continuously and significantly since its foundation. In terms of its annual sales revenues and the number and size of the reference plants implemented during our activities ours is the biggest designer office in the country that specialises only in the design of food industry plants.

The office in most of the cases also works as a general designer and ensures all of the designs in the specialist design areas necessary for the implementation of complex factories with the required processing background.

Our activities include all engineering services necessary for the implementation of the individual projects: 

  • Pre-designs, feasibility studies
  • Licensing plans
  • Preparation of tender plans, tendering process 
  • Construction plans
  • Designer supervision activities 
  • Technical inspection activities

AGROPROFIL Kft. has had a designer liability insurance policy since its foundation. Our insurance partner is UNIQA Rt.